space is the place

The first day that Mercury went retrograde, I saw the Sun Ra Arkestra. Space is the place, but I almost didn’t go. It was a Saturday. I had spent the whole week twisting my love[…]


My grandma cut her biscuits with a sharp-edge tin can. It had wavy walls like a washboard so it was easy to hold, even for my hands when they were very small, when I was[…]


I don’t know how long I’ve collected postcards. My mom probably has a story about it. It may or may not be true, but it will be charming either way. That’s how we do. I[…]


TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains a survivor’s account personal account of a traumatic experience. On my first day in Mexico City, I went to see a witch. “Tengo una maldicion,” I said. I have a[…]

tracey anne

“Tracey.Anne.Duncan. I know you did not just bring that dead bird into the house.” “Tracey Anne, that is not where the scissors go.” “You’re gonna be a fine writer someday with all those stories you[…]